Minnesota Steelheader Membership

Welcome to the Minnesota Steelheader (MNST) membership store front. With your purchase of a shirt (any shirt) you will not only be showing your support for our beloved North Shore Fisheries, but you get an annual MEMBERSHIP to MNST at no added cost.

Why join Minnesota Steelheader?
MNST is run by an all-volunteer Board of Directors whose mission is to provide outstanding angler resources, and be the leading source for North Shore steelhead, trout, and salmon programs, information, data, and angling news.   With member support from anglers like you we plan to further our mission and the awareness of MN Lake Superior Fisheries while continuing to keep all of our resources available for generations to come.

How does my contribution get used?
100% of your financial contributions are used to develop and implement current programs, provide needed teaching tools, and further our mission online, in our communities, and on the water.  We have an all-volunteer staff and zero payroll.  Funds have been used to support our Steelhead Genetics Project efforts, adopt-a-river program, and our stream-side clinic series to name just a few.

How do I get My Membership?
Once you purchase your shirt, T-chip will email you a confirmation number. Keep that number and fill out the simple membership form on our website, including your confirmation number. That is it! Once received, we will mail you your official window decal for your annual support.

Minnesota Steelheader Membership

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