Shop For Tibet

Shop For Tibet

The United Nations for Tibet * is an organization entirely run by volunteers in over 40 countries. The name UNFFT was chosen as a call to the UN to finally recognize the suffering of the Tibetans at the hands of the Chinese regime and to show that there are many nations UNITED for Tibet. Our goal is to urge for the freedom of the Tibetan people in their own country, to save their culture, language, Tibetan Buddhism and to have the freedom to invite HH the Dalai Lama back to Tibet.
UNFFT’s work has grown since its birth in 2010 into a worldwide organization, continuing to raise awareness but also financially providing help, such as bailing out Tibetans from jail in Nepal, setting up workshops and education/library, buying computers for Tibetan settlements, helping in the resettlement of Tibetans in western countries and more.
The UNFFT is a member of Amnesty International, a friend of Forum 2000 and a life member of the Australia Tibet Council.

The UNFFT is a 501(C)3, registered in the USA, Oakland.