Introducing our custom car seat covers! We’re always excited to welcome new custom products into the TeeChip family. Every time we introduce a new personalized product, the possibilities become endless.

To welcome our guest of honor, one of the best car accessories, we have 3 uses for your brand new covers that will change your life. 

Add personality to your vehicle

All the fox – Car Seat Covers

All The Fox I Give Car Seat Cover

All The Fox I Give Car Seat Cover

Decorate your car with one of the best custom car accessories. Pick a car seat cover design that screams you! Don’t be afraid to get creative and choose an unconventional or funky design.

We’re always looking for new ways to express ourselves. Our style also communicates intricate facts about us. Make sure that what your new car seat cover set is saying about you is what you wanna actually show the world.

Protect your original seats

Beagle Car Seat Covers

Beagle Car Seat Cover

Beagle Car Seat Cover

Pets or kiddos ride with you? If the answer is yes, not a day more should pass without you gettin’ some seat covers on your wheels. Your car seats shouldn’t have to suffer ‘cause of your adorable companions. 

Hazards are inevitable when you have kids, so it’s better to anticipate the chaos and be prepared for it. A cute car seat cover design is definitely the best way to do it. Protect your original seats from baby hair, dog hair, cat hair, alpaca hair…well, we really don’t know how many pets or kids you have, so we’re just making a wild guess. Ok?

Mask Seat Damage

Cat Car Seat Covers

Cat Car Seat Cover

Cat Car Seat Cover

If the previous owner wasn’t as friendly to the car as you are, you could use covers to mask seat damage. They’re masters of disguise! You gotta understand that some people have issues and choose to take it out on their car. Horrible, we know.

Make your seats look brand new with our custom seat covers. Your car interiors will thank you, celebrate you, and worship you. Nobody will ever know what happened. How could they? [Evil laugh]. 

From now on, every person that carpools with you will remember your awesome seats. You know, it’s not every day you get to ride with someone as unique and fabulous as you. 

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