Now more than ever, our friends have shown how important they are in our lives. So why not send them a gift to thank them for their constant support?

These funny gifts for friends ideas will help you find exactly what you need to express how much you love them. And while you’re here, you might find something for you as well.

She’s Our Friend – Long Sleeve Tee

She's Our Friend Ans She's Crazy

She’s Our Friend Ans She’s Crazy

We all need that crazy friend in our life to keep things interesting. Our lives would not be the same without her ideas.

Show her how much you love her craziness with this long sleeve tee. She might be your crazy friend, but she’s your crazy friend.

My Wife’s Pug – T-Shirt

My Wife's Pig Classic Tee

My Wife’s Pig Classic Tee

We all have that couple in our friends’ gang that rescues every dog they find. We’re not judging; they’re heroes without a cape.

This funny t-shirt for men is perfect for the one guy feeding his wife addiction to pugs. After all, someone needs to help her save all the dogs. 

I Have a Boyfriend – Ladies Flowy Tank

I Have A Boyfriend Flowy Tank

I Have A Boyfriend Flowy Tank

You don’t need a boyfriend to be happy. You need a labrador. 

If you know someone that embraces this quote every day, this is the funny gift you need for them. A dog will never break your heart; we’re sure about it. 

The Best Nurse – Tote Bag

The Best Nurse Tote

The Best Nurse Tote

Doctors and nurses worldwide are fighting against time right now, so how about honoring their labor with a thoughtful present? 

This tote bag is a lovely gift for your nurse friend. They can even take it to work to keep a positive mood while they fight against the virus. 

The Best Teacher – Color Changing Mug

The Best Teacher Mug

The Best Teacher Mug

If you’re looking for a gift for a teacher in your life, a color-changing mug is the best gift idea you’ll find.

Like health workers, teachers are also having a hard time right now, so this coffee mug will help them go through their day with a smile on their faces. And, of course, some delicious and well-deserved coffee. 

Cat Mom – Hooded Sweatshirt

Cat Mom Hoodie

Cat Mom Hoodie

Finding a funny cat mom gift can be challenging. This adorable hooded sweatshirt will allow all the cat ladies in your friends’ group to carry around their kittens with them all the time. Purrfection. 

You can also have this design on a cat shirt instead. 

Funny Dog – Mug

Dogs And Coffee Kind Of Day Mug

Dogs And Coffee Kind Of Day Mug

If you have a friend who’s having a specially difficult time, this funny design is just perfect. Sometimes you just need coffee and a dog hug. 

If you’re an animal lover, take a look at our full animal designs collection.

Bite People – Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bite People Hail Satan

Drawstring Bite People Hail Satan

How about a hilarious gift that your friends can take everywhere? This drawstring bag is the precise gift for that Sharknado fan in your gang. 

Friends are always there for you when you need them. They help us be better people, to get over difficult breakups, and even when we need help to move out. Now you have plenty of funny gifts for friends to spread some laughs and love among your friends. 

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