It is said that once a guy becomes a father, he starts trying to fix everything (he might not finish, but he definitely starts). He also develops a new sense to alert him when his daughter is out with “friends”. And, as everybody knows, he’ll transform into the funniest guy on Earth.

But even when your dad jokes are terrible, we know you love him every day of your life. That’s why we want to help you find the best gift for dad that will surprise him and also make him laugh.

After all, you’re awesome because he’s your father!

Fairy Grillfather – T-Shirt

Fairy Grillfather Tee

Fairy Grillfather Tee

Do you have a grill lover father? We knew it. If your dad already has the best grill on the block, this dad shirt is totally for him. Keep calm and grill on.

Keep in mind to include some charcoal, meat, and a good beer on your gift!

Resting Eyes – Crewneck Sweatshirt

I'm Resting My Eyes Crewneck

I’m Resting My Eyes Crewneck

Yes, dad, we know you were not sleeping at all. Sure. That snoring must come from the neighbor’s dog.

This design is the ultimate dad birthday gift. Not only it totally captures your dad’s vibe, but it also comes in a sweatshirt, so he’s warm and ready to sleep. Err, I mean, rest his eyes.

Reserved Seat – Square Pillowcase

Reserved Seat For Dad Pillowcase

Reserved Seat For Dad Pillowcase

Now your dad has a sweatshirt for his afternoon naps; he might also need a pillowcase to be 100% comfortable. Nothing like a combo gift to show your dad how much you appreciate him.

Dad And Grandpaw – Phone Case

Dad And Granpaw Phone Case

Dad And Granpaw Phone Case

Have you had “the” talk with your father? You know, the one when you discuss economics, how much debt the Millennial generation has, and all of the other reasons you don’t have any children yet.

If you’re lucky and your dad has come to peace with the fact you prefer to be a dog dad or dog mom, you should celebrate how cool of a grandpaw he is. At least we’re sure he’ll never complain about the mess his grandchildren make!

I’m Called Papa – Hooded Sweatshirt

I'm Called Papa Hoodie

I’m Called Papa Hoodie

Or maybe you’re thinking about how to announce to your father that he’s about to become a grandpa. We also have you covered. Give him this adorable sweatshirt and see how his face changes while wearing it for the first time.

The best gifts for grandfathers are the ones that reveal to them the surprise!

The Louder The Better – Mug

The Louder The Better Mug

The Louder The Better Mug

Seriously, what in Heaven do our dads do to snore like that?

While science discovers the truth behind it, you can get this dad coffee mug for your father. It is also a great present if you want to let him know that even the neighbors can hear him.

I’m Not Sleeping V-Neck T-Shirt

I'm Not Sleeping Tee

I’m Not Sleeping Tee

Ok, we shared this quote before, but it’s indeed a signature dad quote.

And we can guarantee you: there is no such thing as enough funny dad shirts. Not for the best dad in the world!

Mr Fix It – Phone Case

Mr Fix It Phone Case

Mr Fix It Phone Case

You know that if something breaks at your home, you’ll always have your father to help you fix everything.

And this doesn’t stop at electrics. He also knows how to fix a broken heart and a contrite spirit. He’s the ultimate Mr. Fix It, so praise this superpower with this cool phone case he can take anywhere.

I Forgot To Say – Poster

To My Dad Poster

To My Dad Poster

The best gifts for dad are the ones that come from the heart. This poster might not be a funny gift, but it surely will let your father know that you are proud of being his child.

There might not be enough gifts for dad in the world to let your father know how much you love him, but this is definitely a good start.

Check at our full family gifts collection, and visit Giftza for more custom items.

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