There is a basic piece of clothing that we use every day but we never put much thought into it: Underwear. At TeeChip, we want to make your everyday wear so much more fun, so we decided to expand our line of products with printed men’s boxer briefs that can suit every style out there.

Cat Men’s Briefs

Xipxalip Men's Briefs

Xipxalip Men’s Briefs

There’s a definite winner when it comes to men’s boxer underwear for many men, the boxer brief. They are the perfect combination of the coverage any boxer shorts would offer and the snug fit of briefs. 

Our cool boxer briefs have an elastic and soft waistband for a comfortable fit. Although comfort and style don’t usually go hand in hand, these men’s briefs are super comfortable while remaining stylish. 

Pizza is my Valentine Men’s Briefs

Pizza Is My Valentine

Pizza Is My Valentine

Every person needs to express themselves in some way. Many find that outlet in some type of art, and many others on the way they dress. Underwear shouldn’t be the exception. So what are you waiting for to ditch your usual cotton boxer and replace them with this funny boxer brief design?

Don’t Be Bullied Men’s Briefs

Don't Be Bullied Men's Briefs

Don’t Be Bullied Men’s Briefs

And guess what? They can be personalizable, like this design right here. You can put whatever you want on it! These can be a fantastic gift for any special man in your life. 

Black And White Pattern Men’s Briefs

Pattern Black And White Men's Briefs

Pattern Black And White Men’s Briefs

Besides our boxers being comfortable and stylish, they are durable. You can put them on the machine wash and not worry about the print fading.

Transparent Ocean Men’s Briefs

Transparent Ocean Men's Briefs

Transparent Ocean Men’s Briefs

A boxer brief with a design you like can be a great way to instill some of your personality into your outfit. Even if you are the only one who will constantly see them, they can give you joy anytime you take a peek.

Whether you prefer to keep it simple or love colorful prints and designs, we have a huge variety of designs and colors in men’s briefs to fit every man’s style. All available for purchase now!

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