In these times of social distancing, we’ve found ourselves unable to go to our favorite gym or fitness studio. One of the positive sides of the pandemic in the era of social media has been the increase of workout videos available to exercise at home. Make the most out of your virtual workouts with these great tips and check the awesome items of our workout at home inspired TeeChip collection!  

Don't Wish For It Work For It Yoga Mats

Don’t Wish For It Work For It Yoga Mats

1. Wearing a cute workout outfit.

We all have heard phrases such as “dress for success” for different aspects of our life. Did you know that the clothing we wear influences our behavior and the way we think and act? So why not use this science to improve our motivation to work out. Get in the correct mindset with this cool unisex tank.

Workout Mode On Unisex Tank

Workout Mode On Unisex Tank

2. Try different fitness classes

Do you prefer cardio or strength training? Or are you more of a yoga or dance class type? It doesn’t matter your answer, there are many online classes to choose from. Now is the time to try different things and figure out your favorite workout type because many popular companies and trainers are offering free workouts. Take advantage of the free trials, and all the Instagram live streams available to find your favorite workout type.

Eat Sleep Train Repeat Ladies Flowy Tank

Eat Sleep Train Repeat Ladies Flowy Tank

3. Be creative with your fitness equipment

Are you getting tired of only doing bodyweight exercises? There is no doubt you can have a very effective workout using only your full body. If you want to increase muscle gain you’ll need to add some weight, there is no need to purchase the entire gym equipment. It is impressive all you can do with a couple of water bottles, or detergent gallons, or a backpack full of heavy books, a chair, the stairs… Etc. Your creativity is the limit. For most online workouts all you need is a cool yoga mat and get creative with what you already have to get the job done and keep your heart rate up.

Don't Stop Yoga Mats

Don’t Stop Yoga Mats

4. Invite a friend or a family member to hold you accountable 

We all need to socialize and having your favorite online class with a friend will improve the chance you show up for it. Make sure this habit sticks by inviting someone else to hold you accountable. 

Excuses Don't Burn Calories Hooded Sweatshirt

Excuses Don’t Burn Calories Hooded Sweatshirt

5. Set realistic fitness goals

With all the live classes available everywhere you can feel a bit overwhelmed because it seems that everybody is working out all the time. Take your time to find the most fun workout option to make it easier to form a habit, start slow, and build up from there. A 30 minute workout can do wonders for your health. Remember to not punish yourself if on a given day you are not feeling up to it, it is hard to stay motivated every day, we all have those days. We know consistency is key to see results, but give yourself a break every now and then for your at-home workouts.  

No Limits Men's Low Top White Shoes

No Limits Men’s Low Top White Shoes

It is true that working out at home is one of the best medicines for staying healthy during the pandemic. These are trying times, but this awesome workout at home apparel will keep you going one day at a time. You got this!


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