After several months of working from home, we have now created a new routine. And yes, it’s still normal that you don’t want to get very dressed for not going anywhere. 

However, you can add some cozy and comfortable clothes and accessories to make your home office a better place to spend your days while all of this happens. 

You must consider the addition of a pair of socks and accessories after watching this: 

Boss of this Home Office

Boss of this Home Office Purple Crew Length Socks

Boss of this Home Office Purple Crew Length Socks

Do you still enjoy the 70’s fashion? The pattern of these socks will return you to the old and funky times. If you want to complete your standing desk and work space, then check also this mug, and this sticker. At the end of the day you’re in your house making your own rules, and you can rock it as you wish! 

Home Office King

Home Office King Crew Length Socks

Home Office King Crew Length Socks

Clearly, this is the top work from home socks. The truth is that we love making past fashions return, and these socks are totally an 80’s look. So get dressed in your comfiest shirt, your swaggy pants, and enjoy the comfort of this pair of socks. 

Home Sweet Office

Home Sweet Office Crew Length Socks

Home Sweet Office Crew Length Socks

The piece of clothing that people use less while working from home is shoes. 

It is scientifically proven! Well, not really. But the cold season is almost here, and you must prepare your toes as it should be. 

This design is also available in a mouse pad and a mug

WFH- What’s Fucking Happening

WFH - What's Fucking Happening Mousepad

WFH – What’s Fucking Happening Mousepad

You must have a specific working area at home if you want to work correctly and with full concentration. One of the work from home accessories that can be missing in your place is this mouse pad. But if you prefer working from bed, then you’ll need these socks

Zoom University

Zoom University Crew Length Socks

Zoom University Crew Length Socks

Be loyal to the ones who are always with you. During this isolation, video meetings have become our best friends. 

So, to complete your indoor look, check this design. School hasn’t been the same since all of this started, but at least we can see each other through a camera. Thanks zoom! 

Mom at Work

Mom at Work Crew Length Socks

Mom at Work Crew Length Socks

Moms are superheroines, but working moms are angels fallen from the sky. 

It’s not easy doing two things at the same time, but they always manage to work remotely while doing so much more. It’s time to make you a self-gift! All the kit is available for you, from the socks and hoodie, to the mug and stickers. 

Complement your home look and space with all of these creative designs. Remember that a well-designed and comfortable area can help you better to develop your concentration, as well as enjoy working at home. A lot of incredible designs are available in TeeChip

Final tip: Don’t forget to have a comfortable office chair, noise cancelling headphones, and a coffee maker for the best work space ever! 

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