Human beings are social by nature, and all this time at home makes it hard to see our favorite people. Having regular meetings is essential to stay close to our loved ones. At the beginning of the pandemic, having a video meeting with friends and only seeing their faces and catching up was great, but these meetings probably lost their luster weeks ago, there are still plenty of ways to make these feel exciting. 

Quarantine and Chill Hoodie

Quarantine and Chill – Red Version Hooded Sweatshirt

Have a cook-off with friends.

If there’s a dish you’ve been meaning to master, why not make it a fun challenge? Invite your friends, set a date, and make sure everyone has a complete list of ingredients. Then you can all cook at the same time, you can set a prize for the prettiest presentation and at the end you can enjoy dinner together while you catch up, just make sure you don’t ruin your clothes with a TeeChip nice apron.

Funny Apron

Cooking With a Chance of Drinking Apron

Have a virtual gym date.

Do you like working out? Take a virtual class together and catch up with a homemade smoothie after. Many workout studies are offering free streaming classes during this time, you can find a class that’s right for you. For most of these classes, all you will need is a cute yoga mat.

Make Today Count Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Make work meetings fun.

Most of your meetings are work-related? It doesn’t matter you can always insert your fun personality with a funny mug, someone will for sure notice and smile because of it.

Beach Please Mug

Merman Mug

Another safe for work alternative to making everyone smile is by wearing a fun t-shirt like the one below.

Nap Enthusiast T-Shirt

Lazy T-Shirt

Play fun games.

One easy way to add excitement is by playing games! You don’t just have to sip a drink while staring at your friends’ faces over zoom. You can play charades, Pictionary, or use one of the many apps available online, but you can also keep things simple and trot out the old standbys like playing never have I ever.

Gaming Girl T-Shirt

Gaming Girl T-Shirt

These few months have been weird, but there is always something new to try even if you are staying at home, and any of these ideas can make your next zoom meeting more enjoyable.

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