Ever since we were little kids, we’ve adored stickers, they’re just such a fun thing to work with and use! Whether you’re sticking them on a laptop, or a car, we think they’re an awesome, easy way to amp up the style and fun factor in just about any aspect of our lives. Here are a few reasons why we love cute stickers.

To express yourself.

Awesome stickers are the newest way to show off your originality and creativity everywhere, on water bottles, laptops, planners, notebooks, walls, or really anything. And at a price range starting around $3, it’s a no-brainer strategy to change up the decor and vibe while staying completely within budget!

Music On World Off Design Girl Wearing Headphones Sticker

Music On World Off Sticker

To break the ice.

Have you ever seen a person with a cool sticker somewhere and found yourself wanting to know the story behind it or immediately liking a person because of a sticker they are showing off? Like books, stickers are a great way to break the ice and start a conversation, you should put them somewhere visible knowing it is very likely someone will notice and start a conversation about it, you might make a new friend. 

Corgi Dog Surfing Sticker

Corgi Dog Surfing Sticker

To support the causes you believe in.

Since cute stickers are great conversation starters, there is no better way to make a statement, promote and support a cause you believe in, there are many charities and causes that should be noticed more, and wearing a sticker showing your support is a great excuse to start a conversation about it and promote your ideals since they help bring attention to an important issue, for example, the very popular during these times, the register to vote stickers. 

Vote 2020 Sticker

Vote 2020 Sticker

To remember a special occasion or trip.

Stickers can be a great memento because they can stimulate the memory of moments or the excitement of an adventure waiting to happen. It is certain that when we visit a new place, we would most likely go to the souvenir shop to get a keychain, fridge magnet, or we can get awesome stickers. Adding printed stickers on our daily belongings allows us to take the time to appreciate the fact that we can travel to certain places or that we had great experiences at a certain place. 

Stay Wild Bonfire Sticker

Stay Wild Sticker


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