It is not surprising that face masks have become the accessory of the year. Whether we like it or not, we all should be wearing them when we are outside with other people. Since face masks take some serious real state on our faces we should choose a style that we love. We have a vast assortment of TeeChip face masks designs to suit every person’s desire, here we have our favorite styles. 


We’ve had a difficult year and wearing a funny face mask is the perfect way to bring up a smile on the faces of those around you. Spread the joy around with this fun face mask

Funny Smile Face Mask

Funny Smile Face Mask


Are you always down with the latest fashions and styles? Why not take this as the perfect complement accessory to your look. This printed tie-dye face mask will make sure you look very on-trend.  

Tie-dye Colorful Face Mask

Tie-dye Colorful Face Mask


You are not keen on getting everyone’s attention? What about a mostly black face mask with a small beautiful detail that will separate you from the bunch.

Face mask black with butterfly

Butterfly Face Mask

To make a statement

Whether you want to spread a message you believe in or uplift people with a cute quote, a face mask is a great opportunity to express yourself.

Beautiful day to save lives colorful face mask

Colorful Save Lives Face mask

Pet lover

Do you love to express the love you have for your pet any chance you have? Here it is another perfect opportunity to sport your pet or favorite animal with a cute printed face mask.

Belgian Dog Print Face Mask

Belgian Dog Print Face Mask


We know you can never go wrong with something as atemporal as stripes, add a bit of color to your outfit with this colorful face mask.

Summer Stripe Face Mask

Summer Stripe Face Mask

It seems that for the foreseeable future, we’ll be wearing masks to the grocery store, on walks and runs, and maybe even after the crisis abates. So, why not make the best of it and choose to wear something that you like while being safe. 

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