It’s Leo and Virgo season, and it’s time to celebrate and shine! First of all, it’s good to know the dates since you don’t want to mess up with their gifts. Leo’s birthday dates are from July 23rd to August 22nd. A Virgo is a person born between August 23rd to September 22nd. 

Do you have a special someone who is a Virgo or Leo in your life? Here are their top 4 strengths with some gift ideas you can give to them on their birthdays to come! We know it’s always good to give a funny t-shirt to show a birthday personality, but let’s keep it diverse.

Top 4 Leo Strengths

1. Generosity and Big-Heartedness

They have a lot of love to give. They tend to be extremely generous with their resources, like time, attention, and affection. How about a Leo hoodie to keep them warm and comfy?

August Leo Gray Hooded Sweatshirt

August Leo Gray Hooded Sweatshirt

2. Self-Confidence

Leos are strong and commanding. Also, they tend to cheer for those around them. Thinking of a Phone Case that shows their confidence?

colorful august born phone case

August born phone case

3. Determination

Leos can be persevering and determined. If they set up a huge goal, they will achieve it. A coffee mug that pushes them to stay focused and motivated sounds about right, doesn’t it?

leo birthday girl black mug

Leo birthday girl black mug

4. Natural Leadership

With their other strengths, they complement themselves to be naturally gifted leaders. Let’s have a Leo Zodiac Constellation Tee Shirt do the talk.

August Leo Gray T-shirt

August Leo Gray T-shirt

Top 4 Virgo Strengths


1. Hard-Working

They aren’t afraid to throw themselves into a project, no matter what it takes, they may even go some sleepless nights. A mug sounds like the best Virgo Birthday present for those sleepless nights

virgo birthday girl black mug

Virgo birthday girl black mug

2. Creative

Virgos’ creativity is always running, whether it’s through art, dance, or writing. How about this Virgo yoga mat?

blue yoga mat free your mind think happy

Blue yoga mat

3. Reliable

A Virgo can be so responsible and reliable. Check this comfy Long-sleeve Shirt.

Virgo Longsleeve T-shirt

Virgo Longsleeve T-shirt

4. Patient

They’re always willing to be more patient than others. A friendly reminder to inhale, exhale, repeat throughout the entire day.

Inhale Excel Repeat blue sneakers

Inhale Excel Repeat blue sneakers

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